College Events
Two to three times per year, the college students of Grace join together for fun events (such as a bon fire, bowling, or dinner out).  These events give the college students a chance to share stories about their time at school, sharing in the struggles and the joys of life in the real world.

Care Packages / Devotions
College students who are members of Grace receive care packages three times per year.  These packages include goodies, devotional books, and a letter and gifts from the people of Grace.  Students are also automatically signed up to receive a devotional booklet and monthly magazine.

Mission Trips
Select summers, the college students of Grace are given the opportunity to serve their Lord in a ministry setting other than our setting at Grace.  Typically, the trip takes the group to a different region of the United States to help out another church with a children’s camp.  The trip is a great way for the students to gain real world ministry experience, while exploring the sights that the community has to offer.

Click here to send a message to the College Ministry Coordinator: Pastor Kevin Wattles.