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The Eternal Importance of Knowing the Consequences of Sin

11/7/2021 Pastor Kevin Wattles  Romans 3:19-24 

We Won't Need Kleenex in Heaven

11/14/2021 Pastor Kevin Wattles  Revelation 7:17b 

8th Annual "State of Grace" Message

1/10/2021 Pastor Kevin Wattles  Philippians 4:13 

Lenten Victory: Over Wealth

3/7/2021 Pastor Kevin Wattles  Matthew 5:3 

Lenten Victory: Over Our Idols

2/21/2021 Pastor Kevin Wattles  Matthew 4:1-11 

Because Jesus Lives: I Am Not Alone

4/18/2021 Vicar David Young  Matthew 28:20b 

Hands of the Passion: Hands of Brutality

3/24/2021 Pastor Clayton Welch  Matthew 27:27-31 

The Hands of the Passion: Hands of Self-Preservation

3/10/2021 Pastor Alex Kirchenwitz  Matthew 27:15-26 

Lenten Victory: Over 'Me'

2/28/2021 Pastor Kevin Wattles  Matthew 26:36-46 

Advent Questions & Answers:  Where Is He Who has been Born King of the Jews?

12/19/2021 Pastor Kevin Wattles  Matthew 2:1-12 

Remember, Jesus is King!

1/3/2021 Pastor Kevin Wattles  Matthew 2:1-12 

Jesus Teaches What to Do About a Fire in One's Home

10/3/2021 Pastor Kevin Wattles  Mark 9:38-50 

Jesus Teaches Us About Hugging

9/26/2021 Pastor Kevin Watles  Mark 9:30-37 

What Does It Mean to Listen to Jesus?

2/14/2021 Vicar David Young  Mark 9:2-9 

You Are the Christ!

9/19/2021 Vicar Josh Koelpin  Mark 8:27-30 

The Hands of the Passion: Hands of Hypocrisy

3/17/2021 Vicar David Young  Mark 14:55-65 

In Troubling Times, Christ the King Speaks

11/21/2021 Pastor Kevin Wattles  Mark 13:24-37 

The Entrance of the King

3/28/2021 Vicar David Young  Mark 11:1-10 

Ransom, Freedom, Service

10/24/2021 Pastor Kevin Wattles  Mark 10:35-45 

Jesus' Love Makes Us Rich

10/17/2021 Vicar Josh Koelpin  Mark 10:17-27 

Jesus Says Our Hope Is in Being Childish

10/10/2021 Pastor Kevin Wattles  Mark 10:1-16 

Epiphany Encouragement: You Can Pray to God

2/7/2021 Pastor Kevin Wattles  Mark 1:29-39 

Epiphany Encouragement: You Have the Power of God on Your Side

1/31/2021 Vicar David Young  Mark 1:21-28 

Epiphany Encouragement: You Have the Gospel

1/24/2021 Pastor Kevin Wattles  Mark 1:14-20 

We Are Privileged People

2/27/2022 Pastor Kevin Wattles  Luke 9:28-36 

Jesus Helps Us Overcome Temptation

3/6/2022 Pastor Kevin Wattles  Luke 4:1-13 

The Crucial Hours: Satan Has Asked to Sift All of You

3/9/2022 Pastor Alex Kirchenwitz  Luke 22:31-32 

Didn't You Know?

12/26/2021 Vicar Josh Koelpin  Luke 2:41-52 

Hold Your Savior in the Arms of Faith!

12/27/2020 Vicar David Young  Luke 2:25-40 

Christmas Day Message

12/25/2021 Pastor Kevin Wattles  Luke 2:1-20 

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