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Believe: God Has Given Us Wisdom

12/15/2019 Pastor Kevin Wattles  Titus 3:3-8 

Living by Grace through Faith: Bitterness

7/21/2019 Vicar Paul Bourman  Ruth 1:1-22, 4:13-17 

Believe: God Keeps His Promises

12/29/2019 Pastor Kevin Wattles  Romans 8:31-39 

That Most Important Week: Wednesday - A Day of Silence

3/22/2020 Pastor Kevin Wattles  Psalm 46:10a 

Living by Grace Through Faith: Discouragement

8/4/2019 Vicar Paul Bourman  Psalm 42:1-11 

Living by Grace through Faith: Regret

8/11/2019 Pastor Kevin Wattles  Psalm 42:1-11 

Living by Grace through Faith: Covetousness

7/14/2019 Pastor Kevin Wattles  Philippians 4:11-13 

Jesus Changes Everything

4/7/2019 Vicar Paul Bourman  Philippians 3:8-14 

Let's keep Our Eyes on the Stanley Cup (of Faith)

3/17/2019 Pastor Kevin Wattles  Philippians 3:12-4:1 

Living by Grace through Faith: Anxiety

6/16/2019 Pastor Kevin Wattles  Matthew 6:31-32 

Living as Whom Jesus Has Made Us: Salt & Light

8/25/2019 Pastor Kevin Wattles  Matthew 5:13-16 

Conversations Jesus Had After His Resurrection: With the Women

4/19/2020 Pastor Kevin Wattles  Matthew 28:8-10 

Three Words of Truth: Watch and Pray

3/20/2019 Vicar Paul Bourman  Matthew 26:35-41 

The Son of God Goes Forth to War: The Promised Warrior

2/26/2020 Pastor Kevin Wattles  Matthew 26:20-25 

Three Words of Truth: Is It I?

3/6/2019 Pastor Kevin Wattles  Matthew 26:20-25 

Lookiing Forward: To Heaven

11/17/2019 Pastor Kevin Wattles  Matthew 13:45-46 

Jesus Shows Himself: To Those Who Are Longing

2/2/2020 Vicar Timothy Walsh  Matthew 11:1-6 

Looking Forward: In Times of Success

10/27/2019 Pastor Kevin Wattles  Mark 8:34-36 

That Most Important Week: Monday - Turning Tables

3/8/2020 Pastor Kevin Wattles  Mark 11:15-18 

That Most Important Week: Palm Sunday - The Story of Two Parades

4/5/2020 Pastor Kevin Wattles  Mark 11:1-11 

That Most Important Week:  Accomplishing Goals

3/1/2020 Pastor Kevin Wattles  Luke 9:51, 57-62 

Jesus Moves

3/3/2019 Pastor Kevin Wattles  Luke 9:28-37a 

Living by Grace through Faith: Shame

6/30/2019 Pastor Kevin Wattles  Luke 7:36-50 

A Life that Reflects God's Mercy

2/24/2019 Pastor Kevin Wattles  Luke 6:27-38 

Let Down the Nets

2/10/2019 Pastor Kevin Wattles  Luke 5:1-11 

Listening with Faith

2/3/2019 Vicar Paul Bourman  Luke 4:20-32 

The Meal We Eagerly Desire

4/9/2020 Vicar Timothy Walsh  Luke 22:14-20 

That Most Important Week: Tuesday - A Day of Teaching

3/15/2020 Pastor Kevin Wattles  Luke 20:1-8 

Christmas Eve Message

12/24/2019 Pastor Kevin Wattles  Luke 2:8-14 

Prodigal Who?

3/31/2019 Vicar Paul Bourman  Luke 15:1-3, 11-32 

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